Publication Policies and Ethics

Responsibilities of The Editor

  • The Editor has the authority to select and publish journal articles.

  • The Editor strive to meet the needs of authors and continually enhance their journal.

  • The editor-in-chief is responsible for selecting reviewers for the paper.

  • If any instances of plagiarism are discovered in your research paper, it will be rejected.

  • To ensure that the paper will be accepted, the author needs to ensure its originality and clarity.

Responsibilities of the Author

  • The paper should be precise details, objectives, significance, conclusion, and references are required.

  • The author needs to ensure to analyze all data effectively.

  • After publication, authors should ensure that their papers are accessible to other professionals.

  • It is unethical to submit the same paper to more than one journal.

  • Ensure that their submitted work meets the standards for originality, clarity, and lack of plagiarism.

  • The authors who are in charge should make sure that the final research paper has also been approved by their co-authors.